Tag: Village of Barovia


  • Ismark Kolyana

    Ismark has spent most of his adult life training with weapons in the hope of one day confronting and killing Strahd. He has agreed to accompany the PCs to face Strahd but only if they first take Ireena to a place of safety.

  • Ireena Kolyana

    When Ireena was young, her father recognized her resemblance to a painting of Tatyana he had seen in Castle Ravenloft. Ireena has been restricted to his meager mansion since that day, but it was impossible to keep the adventurous young woman from leaving …

  • Doru

    Doru was inspired to join the last group of heroes who went to face Strahd. When they failed, Doru was turned by Strahd into a vampire spawn and returned to [[:father-donavich | Father Donavich]].