Willy Grinn

Smack talking halfling


Once upon a time in a land called Hannah Lee… there was this Halfling kid and his brother.

Now while I could proceed to recite this tale in the third person, I feel a first person perspective would lend so much more insight into the story. You may not realize it, but I am a pretty big deal here in Hannah Lee…. something of a local hero… my brother Jake, too. We like to recite all of the stories of old with quite the grandeur. There are none more worthy of telling these tales than yours truly (and maybe Jake, too). At least, that is what the folks around here say. But life was getting a little stagnant and I needed to stretch my horizons to find new audiences with which to share my tales. I decided to venture forth from Hannah Lee, to the big city to become a legendary story teller. While I met with some ridicule because of my small stature, overall I would say the people around here enjoyed my stories. Well, at least the children did. Apparently the adults around these parts seem to think there isn’t much realism in my stories. I admit that I have not personally experienced feats as epic as those in the stories I tell, but how much more real can they be? Needless to say, if I want to be a legendary orator, I must venture forth and seek some more realistic experiences so I may truly allow my audience to relive the glory of the adventure.

Willy Grinn

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