Ireena Kolyana

Reincarnation of Tatyana


Ireena Kolyana is a strong, intelligent, and beautiful young woman. Strahd would have been attracted to her even if she were not the reincarnation of Tatyana. The Dark Lord will do anything to reclaim his “lost love,” even against Ireena will. He has bitten her twice. If he does so again, she will be turned into a vampire spawn and will be bound to Strahd forever.


When Ireena was young, her father recognized her resemblance to a painting of Tatyana he had seen in Castle Ravenloft. Ireena has been restricted to his meager mansion since that day, but it was impossible to keep the adventurous young woman from leaving the home altogether. During one of her “escapes” from the home, she was spotting by Strahd while she snuck through the town. The vampire has pursued her ever since.

Ireena Kolyana

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