Curse of Strahd

The Haunted Cabin in the Woods on a Hill: Part II

From the Renown Bardic Adventurer Willy Grinn

So, it turns out Onyx was not meant to die at the hands of Lupa the Blood Hunter after all. If anything, maybe Lupa felt a wee bit of sadness at the unfolding back story of Onyx the Barbarian. But then again, the loathing never did seem to leave her face… even after Onyx wove the tale of how he was born into his shape shifting ability… how his lineage had been bred into the curse… how his family had long suffered enslavement due to this curse… and even how he now longs to reap vengeance on those who forced his family into the chains of his heritage.

[On a side note, maybe I should get the rights to Onyx’s story now and see how his part in this journey pans out. It could make for a fantastic story in its own right!]

Well in any case, we took a nice long rest while continuing to rummage around the bedroom. I did manage to find a treasure chest in the side antechamber. I was about to open it when I remembered the not so well-known tale of Stevil the Sly and how he died from a heart attack induced by some potent poisons positioned precariously in a precisely locked stocked box. Clearly, he should have checked for traps first… which is exactly what I did… and guess what I found? A TRAP! There was actually a trap! It was magnificent. Here we were in a haunted mansion and the treasure chest actually had a trap! Well, I made quick work of the triggering device and was even able to harness the poison dart for potential use later. Despair mentioned something about my being a “small arms” dealer. The pun wasn’t lost on me… In fact, I may have to use that one in a future narration… I mean who knew he even had it in him? Inside the chest were some valuable Potions of Healing (which will no doubt come in handy later) and a curious note from a certain sister of a certain member in our party… I’m sure you’ve guessed it… None other than Sam-i-al. Apparently, he has an interesting backstory too and has been looking for his sister who went missing and previously came by this way. I may need to think about securing his story rights as well.

In any case, upon further searching around the room, we came across a secret door leading to the attic. This was probably the secret passage that Samial’s sister mentioned in her note. We made our way to the attic and found ourselves in a horribly dingy, grimy, and horridly stuffy floor. The boards were creaking with every step and the rest of the party was being awfully wary with each step they made. The surface seemed perfectly stable to me, so I had no problem running around and checking out all of the rooms.

The first one had a massive padlock on it. We left it alone and figured we might find a key in another room. The next one however was truly creepy… there were white covers over all the furniture and yes – even over body mannequins. It gave the room quite the eerie feel. Needless to say, our search turned up a trunk which apparently held the remains of the nurse maid ghost we fought down below. Elodin was kind enough to say a prayer over her remains. Hopefully she’ll be able to rest in peace now. We looked into the two other open rooms, but didn’t find much of anything.

Well, except for a letter written to me from my dad. I have to admit, I was surprised that he had the wherewithal to know I, myself would be venturing in his footsteps. I mean I had no idea he had traveled all the way to this very haunted mansion that I now found myself. I mean I knew he was a wanderer. Yeah, a wanderer. He’d roam around and around and around and around… well, that doesn’t matter right now. What does matter is that he was here at some point and never told me about it! I guess he just wanted me to experience my first haunted house on my own and not through him. I’ll have to remember to thank him… and yell at him.

Well, since no key was found, we opted to let Onyx use his universal lock pick. Sure enough… his battleaxe worked like a charm. We entered what looked to be the old bedroom of poor Rosavalda and Thornboldt. They even appeared again over what looked to be their very own bones. Elodin again said a prayer, although they did not seem to be all that impressed. We did find out from them that there was some bit of nastiness that was in their basement. We also noted that there was a perfect replica of the house here in this room. After spending some time observing the doll house, we found there was another secret door in the spooky room. This passage led down down down into the dark recesses of the basement.

It was dark, so I managed to light our way by casting a well-known cantrip on Lupa’s axe. IT came in handy as we explored the tombs of the family. We walked along and came across a particularly dark part of the basement that seemed to absorb the light. Upon further inspection a Shadow Imbued Glick appeared with tentacles spouting from its head like an octopus! I mean I had only heard about them in stories, but here before us was a real live one! Of course, the stories made them seem much scarier because we were able to quickly dispatch him. I’ll have to remember to personally update those stories about that creature at home.

We continued our exploration and found some cult-like bedrooms with a few minor treasures in and about. I think the weirdest part was these past-time cultists held their coins in pouches of human skin! It was quite disgusting actually. I did pick up a silver sword however and a rather neat looking eye-patch that I was able to add to my costume repertoire (right next to that dapper top hat).

Rounding a corner and performing some separate searches, we uncovered two decrepit looking creatures and a gate that sprang to life in the form of a man-eating treasure chest! We focused our attention on the toothed chest as Elodin ran into the room and shown his holy symbol with all its glory. It was enough to freeze the ghasts right in their tracks while the rest of the party took care of the other creature.

-Note to self… Come up with some new material. Your insults were a little flat here and practically non-existent. If you’re not up for performing, then get off the stage!-

In any case, as we turned our attention back to the creepers, we found that Elodin’s holy symbol might have also had an effect on us, since we all seemed to have trouble hitting those shamblers. But time is all it takes for any good beating and the same held true here.

We decided to take a short rest after the fight and continued into the next room. Here we found a statue holding an orb and after searching the area we found yet another secret door. I tell you, this place is truly amazing! We decided to head into the passageway, but not before of course grabbing the orb. That’s when things got interesting. As I touched the orb, we noticed the room got noticeably darker as 5 shadowy figures appeared. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…



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